We're always working to minimise our environmental impact. Take care of your packaging to tread lightly on the earth. 

If you no longer wish to reuse your ice packs, they can be easily recycled. The contents are a non-toxic, non-hazardous gel that can be disposed of into your household bin or onto your garden bed to help soil retain water.

The plastic outer is 100% recyclable at RedCycle collection points. Find your nearest RedCycle collection point here: 


Reuse the ice packs
Recycle the plastic

You can dispose of our soft-plastic and insulation bags at a RedCycle collection point. Find your nearest RedCycle collection point here: 


Our hard plastic items (containing sauces etc) are accepted by most city recycling programs, check your local recycling information to confirm.

Take cardboard boxes to the closest recycling bin so they can live on. 

Recycle the box

Earth-friendly choices

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